Week Beginning 8th March 2021
Return to school 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all children back to school on Monday! Although arrangements are very similar to before this lockdown, please do familiarise yourself with the information about the school day routines and procedures via the Covid page of the website . It is hard to believe that it has been 12 months since the disruption to school started. We are very aware of the media narrative of ‘missed learning’ and a need for ‘catch up’, but we believe that children have gained in many other areas and we know that we will support the children on their return to move forward in their learning. We also recognise that children have missed out on being with their friends. We are ensuring that children will have the opportunity to play and to develop their social skills through both structured and unstructured activity. We are really looking forward to hearing about what they have been up to and working together to move forward. 

Thank you for all you have done to support learning and in support of the school. 

School Uniform, including PE Uniform 

When children return, we would like to see them in their uniform. We recognise, however, that they will have grown and popping to the shop to buy new uniform is not easy at the moment. Wherever possible, please wear a royal blue jumper, white polo or t-shirt and plain black or dark grey trousers/shorts/dress or skirt; this may be in a PE style. Girls may alternatively wear a blue checked summer dress. Trainers are encouraged (preferably dark in colour) to support our active time. 


We have been in contact with the Parish Council and they have agreed to trial a limited number of parking permits purchased by families in order to park at the Beach Car Park at drop off and collection times during the summer termPermits for the term will cost £7 and can be used from 8:30 – 9:15 am and 2.45-3.30 pmIf you would like a permit, please email the school office on with the subject line ‘Parking Permit’. Please ensure that if you choose to purchase and use a permit that you adhere to both the rules and spirit in which this has been made available to help promote the possibility of a permanent arrangement. 

Home Testing for Parents and Carers 

As you are aware our pupils will not be asked to test at this time as primary school pupils are not being tested. This week the government has announced that households with school age children, including childcare and support bubbles, can test themselves twice every week at home as schools return from Monday 8 March. As a school we cannot give test kits to parents, carers or household members; information on how to access testing can be found via the Government website:    

Road Safety

Please remember as the school runs start again for all children, the roads around the school can become busy with vehicles such as cars and buses as well as children walking, biking and scooting. Please take extra care, both as a pedestrian or a driver, and be aware of the many other, very young road users around the school during drop off and pick up. We understand the pressure when dropping off and picking up children; most people are considerate when parking and understand the risks of blocking the road for other road users, but there have been a few issues in the past when emergency service vehicles have not been able to get easy access to school premises.

Celebration Assembly

In our celebration assembly, we particularly celebrated the following members of the school community:

Archie, Bella, Matthew, Dolly, Rosie, Maya, Anna, Iona, Jasmine, Megan, Hendrix, Jack 

Times Tables Rockstars: Amelie, Eowen, Esme, Darcey, Hendrix, Hector, Charlotte, Billy, Matthew, Ella, Charlie R, Indigo, Lulu 

Reading Eggs Awards: Lola, Lulu, Georgia, Tabby 

Doodle Champions: Jasmine, Charlie R, Ella, Bailey, Jessica, Harry, Sia, Fox, Iona, Hendrix, Tabby, Lulu, Georgia 

Week Beginning 8th February 2021
Remote Learning 

Thank you very much to all who completed the Remote Learning Questionnaire. The feedback was largely positive and very constructive.  


The majority of responses indicated that the amount of work being set for subjects was ‘just right’, with some saying too much and others asking for more. Concerns were raised about the overall quantity of work being set across the curriculum. The quantity of work being set is in line with the expectations of a normal school day, in line with the guidance during this lockdown, and very unlike the guidance from the previous lockdown. Children in school are accessing the same remote learning offer, helping us to review accessibility, pitch and quantity constantly.  

Level of Work 

The majority of responses felt that work being set was ‘just right’, particularly in English, topic and other areas. In Maths, most felt that work being set was ‘just right’ but there were more responses indicating that the work was easy or challenging. Please do use teams to get in touch with teachers for additional support or challenge as needed. 

Structure of Sessions 

Very few responses indicated that more help was needed in the structure of lessons, with most responses saying that the structure was ‘just right’. Some comments praised particular strategies, while others found the same strategies more of a challenge. 

We were concerned by a few comments indicating that some children are spending a very long time on some of the learning: an ‘exercise can take 2 hours of frustration’, ‘maths takes at least 2 hours to complete’, ‘there have been instances when her school day takes her right up to bedtime.’  The timetable on the learning at home page should give an indication of the time to spend on a lesson. The work does not have to be perfect and there may be days when it is only partially completed because the lesson time has finished before the task is complete – this is fine! Please do send messages, ideally via Teams, if work is taking too long or is a struggle. Staff are working hard to respond to difficulties as quickly as possible by uploading additional guidance or contacting individuals or groups as needed. Likewise, please do contact teachers if an additional challenge would be beneficial. 

‘When exercises have not been clear … video guidance was provided almost immediately.’ 

‘Questions are answered quickly on Teams and the morning meeting gives … a better understanding of the lessons that day.’ 

 Above all, please continue to communicate with us through Teams (or Tapestry in EYFS) or by email. As a result of the ongoing feedback, we have already made several adaptions to our remote learning during this lockdown including extending the deadlines of tasks, organising work as assignments, introducing weekly zoom sessions, providing more consistency within individual subjects, introduced additional physical activity opportunities and screen free time on Friday afternoons. Your feedback from this questionnaire, as well as ongoing feedback, will continue to shape how we support ongoing remote learning. 

‘We welcome the recent increase in varied physical activities to counteract the many hours of screen time learning.’ 

‘Every time I’ve had an issue it’s been quickly resolved.’ 

Finally, thank you very much for the supportive and thoughtful comments. Your thoughts for the staff, who are continuing to work hard to support learning at both home and school, were very much appreciated. 

‘I think it’s been an exceptional response to this situation.’ 

‘I think the school are doing really well. When we’ve asked questions we get rapid responses.’ 

‘Thank you to staff for their hard work, support and feedback.’ 

‘The school have done an amazing job in exceptionally difficult circumstances at the moment.’ 

‘…well done guys you’re doing a cracking job.’ 

Next week is half term – I am sure that you are looking forward to a week away from the remote learning! I hope that the weather is kind to us so we can all take advantage of our stunning local area. Thank you for all you are doing.

Staff Training

Despite having to very quickly change methods and strategies for supporting learning both at home and at school, staff have continued regular training in many areas, including around SEND, fire safety and supporting children with severe allergies. 

Much of this training has had to adapt, just as our teaching and  learning has adapted, and has been online. To demonstrate being able to safely use an autoinjector, each staff member had to stand in line of the camera; leading to a few left a bit, right a bit moments! 

When our fire extinguishers were checked this week, several were put out of commission, giving us an opportunity to consolidate some of the fire safety training previously completed online by letting off the old extinguishers.

Celebration Assembly

In our celebration assembly, we particularly celebrated the following members of the school community:

Matilda B, Ivan, Charlotte, Issy, Jess, Sam, Esme B, Leia, Hendrix,

our parents, Skye, Remy

Times Tables Rockstars: Hector, Archie, Minnie, Riley, Ivy, Amelie, Jess, Indigo, Jasmine, Kitty T, Ivan, Bailey, Darcy, Lulu, Hendrix

Reading Eggs Awards: Kitty T, Minnie, Luca, Hugo, Lola, George

Doodle Champions:Daisy, Ella, Charlie (Y3), Isla, Tommy, Lulu, Willow, Indigo, Tabby, George R, Hendrix, George, Issy, Jess, Charlotte

Celebrating Learning

As well as continuing our Culture themes around Come Fly with Me…, on Tuesday we took part in Safer Internet day. We love seeing the work being completed from home and school. Thank you for all the support from home to make this possible!







A big well done for the resilience, perseverance, creativity and dedication throughout this half term. Enjoy the half term break!


Week Beginning 1st February 2021
Screen Free Friday afternoons 

This week we have introduced an afternoon with no screen based activities. Ideas for the afternoon have been uploaded to Teams. We would like to encourage you to use this time to be creative and active, but we also know that the time may be useful to catch up with learning from the week or your own work. We would love to see photos of what you get up to in this time (or at other times), so do please send in photos so we can celebrate the wider opportunities our children may be able to access while away from school. 

Remote Learning Questionnaire 

You should have had a link emailed to you about the remote learning we are providing. As a staff, we are working hard to try to provide learning remotely which supports children to continue with their learning journey. We have asked for feedback throughout and the responses have helped us to adjust how we plan and set the work. Feedback at the moment is positive (thank you) but we still want to make sure that we hear how things are going so can adapt further if needed.  


We have tried to maintain a similar structure to our weekly assemblies.  

Monday – headteacher assembly. This has included themes such as Holocaust Memorial Day, stories with a message, inspirational people and festivals.

Tuesday – Picture News. We subscribe to a Picture News to help ensure a range of current affairs are included in our cycle of assemblies. During this lock down, they are sharing a recorded assembly each week and we share the link for you to watch. 

Wednesday – Artist of the Week. Each week we have an artist of the week, alternating between a music artist and visual artist from a range of genre. This week, U2 was the focus. 

Thursday – Celebration Assembly. We arrange these as a live session for each teacher to share some of the great work and attitudes to learning demonstrated. 

Friday – We will continue a weekly zoom call with a fun activity each Friday.


Our fabulous PTFA have organised another Bags2School collection 17th March, so please start collecting clothes, shoes, bags, etc which are ready for a new life. Further information regarding collection and drop off to follow. 

Children’s Mental Health Week 

‘Express yourself’ has been the theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week. On our Monday assembly this week, we watched the National Oak Academy assembly on this topic to help us think about how we express ourselves. How do you express yourselves? 

Safer Internet Day 

Next Tuesday is Safer Internet Day with the theme of ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’. Activities will be shared for all classes on Tuesday. Internet safety is often a concern for parents as we try to keep on top of the latest trends and information; often with the children seeming to pick it all up quicker than us! There are many websites aimed at parents to support our knowledge and understanding of the different apps, games and resources children may be accessing; we have updated our Online Safety page with links to many helpful sites.  

Support during the Pandemic (through the school, Dorset Council and other agencies)

During these unprecedented times, sometimes an additional person to speak to makes a big difference to parenting. We encourage you to contact school if you are needing support of any kind so we can explore how best to support you and your family, this may include signposting or referring for financial, wellbeing or educational support. Details of some support routes were included last week (please scroll down the page) and there is now also a helpline from Dorset Council’s Educational Psychology Service, please use this link for more information. 

Celebration Assembly

In our celebration assembly, we particularly celebrated the following members of the school community:

Alex, Kitty A, Molly K, Ella, Eowen, George D, Logan, Anna, Reg, Thea, Mr Sparks

Times Tables Rockstars: Frank, Charlotte A, Ivan, Bailey, Charlie, Darcey, Hendrix, George, Esme T, Ella, Kitty T, Esme B, Luca, Indigo, Lulu

Reading Eggs Awards: Bella, Minnie, Kitty T, Issy, Luca, Anna, Indigo, Megan, Jasmine

Doodle Champions: Daisy, Esme, Ella, Charlie, Issy, Jessie, Bailey, Sia, Jadie, Georgia, Lulu, Tabby, Arran, George, Iona, Hendrix

Sharing our work: Come Fly With Me… 

All classes have a Come Fly With Me theme, with Explorers focused on Asia, Pathfinders on the Arctic, Adventurers on Africa and Navigators on America. There have been some fantastic examples of children engaging with their learning and we would love to be sharing and celebrating examples here; so please keep sharing! Here are a few examples of learning from across the curriculum and beyond;  




Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Celebration Assembly

In our celebration assembly, we particularly celebrated the following members of the school community:

Frank, Leah, Alexis, Archie, Darcey, Charlie H, Arran, Charlie TF,

Simon, Billy, Miss Morton

Times Tables Rockstars: Ivan, Archie, Lola, Bella, Phoebe, Hendrix, Ella, Ewan, Jasper, Teagan, Eowen, Maya, Charlie H, Jessica, Anna, Indigo

Reading Eggs Awards: Bella, Billy, Minnie, Kitty, Elisabeth, Ella, Iona, Fox, Jasmine, George

Doodle Champions: Daisy, Minnie, Charlie, Sia, Megan, Fox, Iona, Leia, Hendrix, Lulu, Tabby, Indigo, Georgia, Willow

Latest Announcement on Reopening 

I am sure you are all aware that the Prime Minister announced on Wednesday that schools will not be able to open any further until at least 8th March. As much as we would love to have all the children back in school learning and socialising with their friends, we recognise the need to ensure that contacts between households needs to remain limited to ensure that the spread of coronavirus is managed. Please continue to follow the national restrictions and support learning at home in the best way for your family. Please do get in touch with us if we can help. 

Feedback on your work in Teams

When work is ‘turned in’ via an assignment on Teams, staff can see the completed work and respond. You should see a notification under ‘activity’ on the top left of the screen when you are in teams when you have feedback. Staff can leave a comment or annotate your work. Please do have a look at this feedback and let us know when you have seen it. 


Tapestry, used by Explorers, has had an update so you should now be able to access all features that were previously only available on desk top via the App, and for Android and Fire Tablets. Please do let us know how you are getting on with Tapestry and the learning ideas being set. Staff monitor Tapestry throughout the school day, so please to log an observation even to ask a question, these will only be seen by you and staff. 


Our fabulous PTFA have organised another Bags2School collection 17th March, so please start collecting clothes, shoes, bags, etc which are ready for a new life. Further information regarding collection and drop off to follow. 

Asymptomatic Testing of School Staff 

This week we have started twice weekly asymptomatic Covid-19 testing of staff. We see this as a positive step in supporting identification of anyone with the virus as well as helping to prevent additional spreading. Should a positive test result be recorded, we may have to close to a group of children currently attending school; I am sure that you will understand that this is likely to be at very short notice. 

What is fun writing? 

We have identified writing as an area to further improve across the school. A part of this has been to provide a daily opportunity for no pressure writing for every child. The writing produced is not marked, but may be shared. Children are able to develop their stamina for writing, fluency and development of ideas while also applying the skills they have been taught to different types of writing. We are keen to continue to promote this as much as possible through the lock down so that children maintain their writing skills we are therefore continuing to set a daily task, but please feel free to choose a different theme or inspiration to get writing. 

Support during the Pandemic 

During these unprecedented times, sometimes an additional person to speak to makes a big difference to parenting. We encourage you to contact school if you are needing support of any kind so we can explore how best to support you and your family, this may include signposting or referring for financial, wellbeing or educational support. Details of some support routes were included last week (please scroll down the page) and there is now also a helpline from Dorset Council’s Educational Psychology Service, please use this link for more information. 

Sharing our work: Come Fly With Me… 

All classes have a Come Fly With Me theme, with Explorers focused on Asia, Pathfinders on the Arctic, Adventurers on Africa and Navigators on America. There have been some fantastic examples of children engaging with their learning and we would love to be sharing and celebrating examples here. Here are a few examples of learning from across the curriculum; 

Growing together to be the very best versions of ourselves… supporting and helping our community
Mini Explorer Billy has been working hard to raise money for the Fire Fighters Charity by walking 3km every day in January! Great job, Billy! There is a Just Giving page with more information and a place to donate if you would like to support here. 



Hendrix and Niya completed a very successful litter pick around the village.  Wearing their super hero capes, they certainly proved their super-powers.  Well done Hendrix and Niya! 



Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Celebration Assembly

In our celebration assembly, we particularly celebrated the following members of the school community:

Grace, Hector, Isla, Harry, George, Xanthe, Ewan, Rosie


Times Tables Rockstars: Keavy, Seth, Evie, Anna, Leia, Minnie, Ella, Teagan, Ewan

Reading Eggs Awards: Xanthe, Elin, Indigo, Elisabeth

Doodle Champions: Jasmine, Bobby, Bailey, Jessie, Dolly, Charlie R, Charlie L, May, Iona, Fox, George, Arran, Hendrix, Lulu, Tabby, Indigo

Learning at Home 

We are really enjoying seeing and hearing about the learning you are completing at home. We are seeing different ways of it being shared, such as on Teams by completing it directly onto the OneNote documents or uploading a photo to the assignment, photos and comments added in Tapestry for Explorers class and via emails to the class email address. We also know that many of you are completing the work at home on paper.  

Staff are working hard to ensure that learning is uploaded and ready each day, but also to support throughout the day. Please continue to use Teams, or Tapestry for Explorers, as the primary method of communication with teachers and teaching assistants, as this is being monitored throughout the day. Day to day we are answering queries, sending work in different formats, signposting to additional support materials and even arranging additional calls where needed; please get in touch whenever needed. 

Thank you for the ongoing feedback about the learning being set. This week the levels of frustration with technology have started to reduce – at both home and school – and the comments of thanks and support are really helping staff to see the impact of their hard work. Please do keep letting us know what is going well and what could be even better. 

Accessing Teams Meetings 

The children are quickly becoming the experts on the use of Teams and we have become aware that some of the meetings can be accessed after the meeting has ended. Please ensure that you continue to monitor your child’s computer and internet use. If they return to a meeting, there may not be a member of staff present. 

Teams ‘Chat’ Channel 

The children are also enjoying being able to communicate and stay in touch with their friends. We believe that it is a real benefit that children can maintain their friendships and are pleased that they are developing their online skills to support it. In order to ensure that queries linked to learning are not lost between the chats, from Monday there will be a new channel in each team (on the left) called ‘Chat’. This will allow the children to continue to interact with each other and will be monitored. Please continue to support your child to consider how what they write can be perceived and limit the timings that they are on Teams. 

Class Zoom Catch Ups 

It was lovely to see many of the children via the zoom sessions this week. We will be planning these sessions weekly on Fridays, with the details of the meetings to be shared via Teams and Tapestry during the week. If your child is not sure about joining in, please do contact us so we can see if there is anything we can do to support and encourage attendance. 

Online Safety 

With all our children spending more time online, it is important to also be aware of the potential risks to children while online. We have an online safety section on our website (here) with links to external internet safety information. If you ever have a concern about something you see or hear online, please don’t hesitate to report it. We are more than happy to support any reporting of concerns or discuss and advise you ourselves, so please do get in contact. 

Financial Support 

We know that many families are facing changed circumstances during this pandemic and this may be causing financial hardship and difficulty. There are many local organisations who are able to help and support families, including Lyme Forward Food Bank and Dorset Council help with utility bills . Other support avenues are also available through the school, so please get in touch or ask for us to contact you. Any information you share will be treated in confidence and only shared as agreed by you. 


Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Celebration Assembly (updated Thursday afternoon)

In our celebration assembly, we particularly celebrated the following members of the school community:

Billy, Bobby, Ethan, Esme T, Zac, Alfred, Hendrix,

Lulu, Etty, Simon, all teachers

Microsoft Teams 

Thank you all for your patience and perseverance as we have moved to remote learning on Microsoft Teams. We are seeing more and more children accessing and submitting their work online, which is great to see. 

Many of the children, particularly in Navigators, have enjoyed being able to keep in contact with each other by posting in the general Team area; please remind your children to think carefully about how they are using this space and the information they are sharing. 

The live morning sessions took a few goes to get right, but generally seem to be working now. Although we can’t see each other, it is lovely to know that we are doing the same thing at the same time and keep some form of contact. Children have been able to mute others during the meetings or make them leave; please remind them to be respectful to each other. We are looking at how we can prevent this. 


We are constantly reviewing the learning we are providing and are grateful for any feedback. In response to feedback from parents last week, we are now more consistent with how the work is set using assignments throughout KS1 and 2. Please continue to let us know how you are getting on. 

We recognise the challenge of supporting learning at home full time and encourage you to follow a routine that works best for you. As a minimum, please aim to complete the English and Maths each day.

The impact on teacher’s workload of the provision has been huge and so we have reviewed the learning we have been setting to ensure a better balance while providing quality learning opportunities. As a result, the format of some of the learning will change and we have updated our timetable as can be seen in the table below. We will be continuing to set learning via assignments on Teams for KS1 and KS2. The table below is an update of the learning that will be prepared with a suggested timetable based on the timetable being followed in school.

Time  Session  Activity 
8:45 – 9:00  Early Morning Maths  This will generally be: 

Timetables Rock Stars, Doodle Maths or an Interactive Online game 

9:00 – 9:05  Live Good Morning  Live Good morning session to the class. 
9:05 – 9:25  Spelling/ Phonics  A spelling pattern for the week will be set with suggested activities to complete. 

A short prerecorded film will be uploaded to support development of phonics knowledge. 

9:25 – 10:25  English  We will be moving to using Talk for Writing booklets. These may be accompanied during some sessions by a prerecorded input by the teacher. Some classes will be finishing their current English unit before moving onto these. 
10:25 – 10:40  Playtime    
10:40 – 11:40  Maths  We will be returning to White Rose maths over the next week or so to ensure that we are able to provide a consistent approach. The lessons won’t necessarily be in the White Rose order as we are aiming to alaign as closely as possible to Essential Maths. Each session includes a short video as well as an activity. 
11:40 – 12:00  Reading  Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Reading Eggs task 

Tuesday/Thursday – 15 minutes free reading 

12:00 – 12:40  Lunch    
12:40 – 1:00  Fun Writing  A daily writing task will be set by Mrs Cornish. These will be uploaded to Teams in a Word format. Children may like to have a go at typing their responses or even using the dictate option to get their ideas on the page. 
1:00 – 2:15  Other  We will continue to set activities linked to the wider curriculum in a similar way to the activities being set currently via Teams. 
2:15 – 2:45  Active Time  Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Joe Wicks 

Tuesday/Thursday – A link or suggested activity will be provided on these days.  

2:45 – 3:00  Assembly  Monday – prerecorded assembly from Mrs Cornish 

Tuesday – link to the Weekly Picture News Assembly 

Wednesday – Artist of the Week powerpoint  

Thursday – Live event Celebration Assembly 

Friday – class zoom – the time of these will vary 


Early Years 

Ideas for activities and learning and short videos will continue to be uploaded to Tapestry to ensure that our Reception and Nursery children are continuing to develop their learning. We are trying to use Tapestry as much as possible as this is a platform that you are already familiar with, but we may need to set some activities and videos via Teams; we will update you via Tapestry. Mr Mitchell has really enjoyed settling into Charmouth and has found all the feedback really helpful. 

Places in School 

We have had a huge increase in the number of children in school during this lockdown in comparison to the previous lockdown with 25+ children attending each day. The guidance sets out that parents and carers who are critical workers should keep their children at home if they can (DfE). We therefore ask that you only continue using a space in school if you really need to. If you are not sure, please do contact the school. We would prefer children who need to regularly attend school to attend every day as this ensures consistency for children, staff and the contact bubble and the children’s learning. 

Financial Challenges 

We are aware that this lockdown has had another significant impact on income levels for many families. There are different support avenues available, including 

Please do contact the school as there are further options that we can support you with if you are facing financial strain. 

Facebook closed group 

Don’t forget that we have a closed Facebook group – Charmouth Primary School Closed Group. This is a place where we are able to send quick updates and reminders, parents can share ideas and resources and we can support each other. If you request to join, please ensure that you answer the three questions in order for your membership to be approved. 

Laptops, computers and tablets – a huge THANK YOU! 

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the local community in donating their old laptops, computers and tablets as well as money towards these. We are in the process of ensuring that they are suitable for use before contacting families who will benefit from these. If you would benefit from a device, please contact the school stating the reason and we will add you to the waiting list. We will be prioritising families based on the individual needs of the family. 


Many of you may have started new hobbies or developed those you already had, such as playing an instrument, arts and crafts, gardening and baking. We would love to see what you are up to, so do please let your teachers know!


We are looking at arranging zoom sessions next Friday for each class so we can all see each other. Please look out for an email with the details for each class. These will be in place of the assembly on Friday but the timings will be staggered. We hope to see lots of you there. 



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