Learning at Home

We are encouraging learning at home during the school closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We recognise that supporting learning at home will be very different from learning in the classroom and will be different for each family. Below are links to the learning we have organised and are organising for this half term. Emails have also been sent to parents outlining this information and providing further learning, such as English, which we are not able to publish on our website. It would be wonderful for you to share at least one example of learning each week with your child’s class teacher via the class email addresses (see below).

Summer 1 Class Information

Sharks class letter April 2020 Turtles class letter April 2020 Dolphins class letter April 2020 Seahorses class letter April 2020
I HAVE A DREAM Whisk Sheet WhISK Sheet A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE – BUDDHISM WhISK Sheet A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE – BUDDHISM ZERO TO HERO Whisk Sheet Please see information on Tapestry for learning at home ideas.
Learning Sequence A ‘I HAVE A DREAM.’ Buddhism Sequence Buddhism Sequence Learning Sequence A

Maths Please use this link for the White Rose Maths Videos. From Week 3 (Monday 4th May) the worksheets are not freely available, however the school has bought into the website in order for our children to continue accessing a cohesive maths curriculum and White Rose have given permission to upload these onto the school website. Please use the following links to access the worksheets and answers (EYFS remains as before);

 Y1-Week-5-Worksheets Y2-Week-5-Worksheets  Y3-Week-5-Worksheets   Y4-Week-5-Worksheets  Y5-Week-5-Worksheets   Y6-Week-5-Worksheets
Y1-Week-5-Answers  Y2-Week-5-Answers  Y3-Week-5-Answers  Y4-Week-5-Answers Y5-Week-5-Answers  Y6-Week-5-Answers
 Y1-Week-4-Worksheets  Y2-Week-4-Worksheets Y3-Week-4-Worksheets   Y4-Week-4-Worksheets   Y5-Week-4-Worksheets  Y6-Week-4-Worksheets 
Y1-Week-4-Answers Y2-Week-4-Answers   Y3-Week-4-Answers  Y4-Week-4-Answers Y5-Week-4-Answers Y6-Week-4-Answers
Y1-Week-3-Worksheets Y2-Week-3-Worksheets Y3-Week-3-Worksheets-1 Y4-Week-3-Worksheets Y5-Week-3-Worksheets Y6-Week-3-Worksheets
Y1-Week-3-Answers Y2-Week-3-Answers Y3-Week-3-Answers Y4-Week-3-Answers Y5-Week-3-Answers Y6-Week-3-Answers


Weekly Challenges Week 5 18th May 2020

STEM Challenge 5 Practical Work

Artwork of the Week 5 Arcimboldo

Music of the Week 5 Holst Mars

Week 4 11th May 2020: STEM Challenge 4 Oil and Water Artwork of the Week 4 Music of the Week 4 A Million Dreams

Week 3 4th May 2020: STEM Challenge 3 4th May Artwork of the Week 3 4th May Music of the Week 3 4th May 

Week 2 27th April 2020: STEM Challenge 2 Marble Run Artwork of the Week 2 27th April 2020 Music of the Week 2 27th April 2020

Week 1 20th April 2020: STEM Challenge 1 20th April 2020 Artwork of the Week 1 20th April 2020 Music of the Week 1 20th April 2020

Reading at Home Parent Advice Booklets

EYFS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6


Contacting Class Teachers

Teachers will be checking emails every school day, but please allow time for responses.

Sharks (Mrs Dare and Ms Hillier) – sharks@charmouth.dorset.sch.uk

Turtles (Mr Glover) – turtles@charmouth.dorset.sch.uk

Dolphins (Mrs Hopson and Mr Jacobs) – dolphins@charmouth.dorset.sch.uk

Seahorses (Mr Cracknell) – seahorses@charmouth.dorset.sch.uk

Starfish including Barnacles (Miss Morrison) – starfish@charmouth.dorset.sch.uk


Want to contact us?

Feel free to give us a call during school hours, or send us an email using the address provided.

Please contact Niamh Vercoe or Georgie Morton in the school office.

Charmouth Primary School