Residential trips

sea creatures 11Years 5 and 6 – Barton Hall Residential Trip
Wednesday 25th – Friday 27th May 2016

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information about Barton Hall

Barton Hall – final details – 10th May 2016
Barton Hall – water ability – 10th May 2016
Barton Hall – kit list – 10th May 2016

Barton Hall – Information Meeting Letter – 4th May 2016
Barton Hall – Consent Form Letter – 29th April 2016
FORM_3__Parental_Consent_Barton Hall 2016
Letter to Parents/Carers Barton Hall confirmation 7th December 2015
Letter to Parents/Carers Sharks and Turtles Residential 20th November 2015

In addition to this major school trip for the older children, the school tries to make full use of its unique location on the Jurassic Coast. Regular visits to the beach take place where full use of the local environment is made to enhance the children’s learning experiences. The school tries to ensure that every child has the opportunity to go on at least one school trip every year. For example, Phase One made a trip to the theatre at Bridport earlier this year and Phase Two are going on a trip to “At Bristol” to support their learning journey on the theme of ‘What If?’ later this year.

Charges for Educational Visits

Under the Education Reform Act, the Governors must decide on a School Policy for charges for educational visits. This is a lengthy document, but the main points are: –

  • Parents will be asked to contribute the whole cost of the activity.  They will be informed that by law this will be a voluntary payment, but it will be pointed out that unless everyone pays, the activity would have to be cancelled.
  • Parents on Income Support will have the cost of accommodation and meals paid by the School, for residential visits and by the school for all others.
  • A system of staged payments will be available for the London Trip for those who find it easier to pay this way.
  • The Governors leave, to the Headteacher’s discretion, the use of school funds to help families in difficulty.