Sharks – Year 5 & Year 6

icon_sharkWelcome to Sharks class!
The Sharks work hard to maintain a high level of involvement with the community. An annual community coffee morning is organised by this class to thank members of the community for their help and involvement with our friendly school.

Apple technology plays a significant role when it comes to inspiring the Sharks. Used as a tool to consolidate learning as well as providing a means of sharing learning with others, the iPads, iPods and MacBooks are very popular!

The children particularly enjoy the additional responsibilities with which they are entrusted when they reach this class. The positions of Computer Monitor and Librarian are among the most popular. There is a great sense of togetherness at Charmouth and the Sharks see their class as an opportunity to provide even more cohesion amongst the cohorts.


The end of the summer term is a particular highlight for the Sharks because they produce not only our entertaining school production but also an exciting Leavers’ assembly. This is closely followed by a dip in the sea whilst wearing school uniform, accompanied by the adults who support them!

Working hard and learning effectively is the name of the game – enjoying ourselves along the way.