Ethos, Values and Aims

SandcastlesThe ethos of our school has been reviewed. The children have been talking about what sort of a school they would like Charmouth to be and there have been sea creatures ppgopportunities for staff and parents to contribute their thoughts. Charmouth Primary School is a very special place in a very special location and although people talk about the values and ‘specialness’ of the place, this is the first time that we have tried to define what this actually means. The governors have considered everyone’s contribution and as a school we have created the following mission statement, aims and core values:

Mission Statement:
Our aim is for all our children to become confident, creative and independent learners nurtured in a safe, caring and happy environment that promotes challenge and adventure.

School Aims:
The kind of school for which we strive is one where:

  • Every individual feels safe, secure and happy.
  • Every individual is valued and respected for the work they do and the contributions they make.
  • We support, appreciate and encourage each other, and where problems can be shared.
  • We encourage our children to understand the feelings of others, to respect their values and to consider thoughtfully their own attitudes, values and beliefs.
  • We have high but realistic and achievable expectations of ourselves and of others.
  • We work positively as a team.
  • We recognise and celebrate the outstanding environment in which we live and encourage the whole school community to respect and sustain them.
  • We create a learning environment that is stimulating, challenging, inspirational and enjoyable, and which promotes the development of the whole person – academically, creatively, socially and spiritually.

Our Core Values:sea creatures ptfa

  • Friendship
  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Trust

We use these aims and values whenever we make decisions about what is best for the school and our children. We also hope that by keeping these aims and ideals fresh in the minds of the children, our school will grow in to an even better place where the very best is achieved by everyone who is part our school community.

School Promises
At Charmouth Primary School we promise to…
Care for our school and everyone in it.
Be honest, trustworthy and tolerant.sea creatures 10
Try our best and take pride in what we do.
Respect ourselves and others.
Be gentle, kind and helpful.
Be part of our team and…have fun!